About Us

The Magazine Sales House team have over 50 years of experience in the national sales marketplace between them. We are all well known, experienced, passionate sales professionals who service all national advertising agencies. We’ve developed strong relationships with our clients and have built a portfolio of nearly 150 luxury lifestyle magazines that are all market leaders in their respective areas.

One­-stop solution for advertising agencies

For agencies, we provide a one-stop shop for all of your luxury magazine campaigns whether it’s an advertising package for local, regional or national reach. With one call to our sales team, national clients can access over 6million ABC1 readers a month, all on one brief.

Enhanced Publisher Portfolio 

For Publishers, we provide a cost effective way to reach key advertisers. Our business model is simple; we act as an extension of your sales team, selling and promoting your titles directly to agencies and national clients. When you are part of our portfolio of luxury magazine publishers, you have strength in numbers and an offering that is difficult to ignore. If you are a media owner looking for quality national representation, please give us a call on 02030 068 296.

The Team


Ross Marshall has been in Advertising Sales for over 20 years and the Director of the Magazine Sales House for the last 5 years. A strategic thinker, Ross is always looking for win­-win scenarios for both clients and staff; his negotiation skills ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the outcome. The cornerstone of his success boils down to relationships. Both his clients and employees appreciate his pragmatic approach, his sense of humour, and his collaborative work style. He and Sonia Edwards have built a portfolio of nearly 150 luxury lifestyle magazines that are all market leaders in their respective areas. They’ll help your business get the advertising exposure it deserves.


Sonia Edwards has been a Sales Director for over 20 years, and Director of the Magazine Sales House for nearly seven years. She is a brilliant Advertising Sales Executive who has honed her negotiation skills over those years. Her expertise in both online and offline media sales has proven time and again to pay off for her clients. She takes a balanced approach to advertising, always developing the most cost-effective path for both publishers and agencies. Sonia is a superior account manager and has garnered the trust of clients throughout her career. With an incomparable work ethic, Sonia and Ross will get your business advertising exposure that will translate into revenue.